Hello, I'm Asier.
I'm a freelance web & UI designer

since year 2000, based in Barcelona / London / Bangalore.

I create user-centered, cross-platform, SEO friendly, responsive websites. I'm committed to a holistic approach to design, where the ultimate goal is to optimize the way humans interact with each other and with the environment.

Asier Reguera




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Passnfly: UI design by Asier Reguera


#UI Design #Responsive #Newsletter Design

Flexible Autos: web design by Asier Reguera

Flexible Autos

#Web Design #Print #Identity #Email Marketing

Design Will Save The World: web design by Asier Reguera

Design Will Save The World

#Web Design #Responsive #Social Media #Identity #Email Marketing #SEO

Xtreme Future Couture: web design by Asier Reguera

Manuel Albarran

#Web Design #Responsive #Identity

Xtreme Future Couture: web design by Asier Reguera

Xtreme Future Couture

#Web Design #Responsive #Social Media #Identity

Realograma.net: web design by Asier Reguera


#Web Design #Social Media #Identity #Email Marketing #SEO

lastminute.com: website to which Asier Reguera contributed


#Web Design #Branding #Email Marketing

Peter Feeny Architects: web design by Asier Reguera

Peter Feeny Architects

#Web Design

Fevernites: web design by Asier Reguera


#Web Design #Responsive #Social Media #Identity


Web & UI Design

User’s interaction with your website should be simple, to make sure the content is delivered efficiently, but also visually competitive, in order to create a fresh impression. I create responsive websites that adapt to the visitor's scenario, whatever his/her device is.


Identity & Branding

Creating an emotional connection between a brand and the audience is the Holy Grail of Marketing. Branding is much more than a logo: it is the vehicle for your brand to reach your audience and appeal to their needs and aspirations, creating an emotional response.


Online Marketing

Your brand, company or organization needs to be well positioned in the web so that your audience can find you easily. I offer bespoke Email Marketing (newsletters), Search Engine Optimization and Social Media strategies to help you reach your target.



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Asier Reguera

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